The Dead Man’s Message

The Dead Man's Message by Florence MarryatFirst published in 1894, The Dead Man’s Message was inspired by Marryat’s strong spiritual beliefs. On the surface a curious little gothic tale, Marryat delivers a story which engages with humane questions over how people live their lives and contextualizes this within a plot which grapples with much wider scientific debates.

Professor Aldwyn wakes from a nap to discover that he is actually dead. During life he was a rational man of science, but he has now entered the spirit world and is forced to account for his actions on earth. In this novella Marryat presents the reader with a sometimes playful, but ultimately engaging, challenge to the wider scientific community and its skepticism of the spiritual other.

This new edition, edited by Dr Greta Depledge, features an introduction, contextual notes and additional material.

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