Florence Marryat was an astonishingly prolific writer, and there is no definitive bibliography of her work. Estimates vary, but it is thought that she wrote 68 novels. This was in addition to a number of plays, short stories, and works of non-fiction.

The list below covers her major works. The year stated is when the title was first published.

Please do let me know if you have any additions or corrections.  There are a number of other Florence Marryat titles included in various catalogues, but most seem to be different editions of those works listed below. Occasionally, novels by Marryat’s sisters are mistakenly attributed to her.

I am indebted to Richard Beaton for correcting a number of errors.

year title type
1865Love’s ConflictNovel
1865Too Good for HimNovel
1865Woman Against WomanNovel
1866For Ever and EverNovel
1867The Confessions of Gerald EstcourtNovel
1868Gup – Sketches of Anglo-Indian LifeMemoirs
1868Nelly Brooke – A Homely StoryNovel
1869The Girls of FevershamNovel
1870Captain Norton’s Diary and Other Stories (only the title story is Marryat's)Short stories
1871Her Lord and MasterNovel
1871The Prey of the GodsNovel
1871Miss ChesterPlay
1872Life and Letters of Captain MarryatBiography
1873Mad DumaresqNovel
1873Sybil’s Friend and How She Found HimChildren’s story
1874No IntentionsNovel
1875Fighting the AirNovel
1875Open! Sesame!Novel
1876My Own ChildNovel
1876Hidden Chains (3 vols., including The Poison of Asps, A Star and a Heart, and A Lucky Disappointment)Short stories
1876The Poison of AspsShort stories
1876Her Father’s NameNovel
1876A Star and a HeartShort stories
1876A Lucky Disappointment and Other StoriesShort stories
1877A Harvest of Wild OatsNovel
1878Written in FireNovel
1878A Little StepsonNovel
1878Her World Against a LieNovel
1879Out of His ReckoningNovella
1879A Broken BlossomNovel
1879The Root of All EvilNovel
1880The Fair-Haired AldaNovel
1881With Cupid’s EyeNovel
1881My Sister the ActressNovel
1882How They Loved HimNovel
1882Facing the FootlightsNovel
1883A Moment of Madness and Other StoriesShort stories
1883Peeress and PlayerNovel
1883The Ghost of Charlotte Cray and Other StoriesShort stories
1884Under the Lillies and RosesNovel
1884The Heart of Jane WarnerNovel
1884Old Contrairy and Other StoriesShort stories
1885The Heir PresumptiveNovel
1886The Master PassionNovel
1886The Spiders of SocietyNovel
1886Tom Tiddler’s GroundMemoirs
1886Miss Harrington’s Husband (reissue of The Spiders of Society)Novel
1887A Daughter of the TropicsNovel
1887Driven to BayNovel
1888A Crown of ShameNovel
1888Gentleman and CourtierNovel
1889Mount EdenNovel
1889On Circumstantial EvidenceNovel
1889Twenty NovelettesCollaboration
1890Brave Heart and TrueNovel
1890A Scarlet SinNovel
1891There is No DeathSpiritualism
1891A Fatal SilenceNovel
1891The Little Marine and the Japanese LilyChildren’s story
1891The Risen DeadNovel
1891The Lost Diamonds (with Charles Ogilvie)Novella
1892The Nobler SexNovel
1892How Like a WomanNovel
1892The Fate of Fenella (with 23 other authors)Collaboration
1893Parson JonesNovel
1893The Clairvoyance of Bessie WilliamsSpiritualism
1894The Hampstead MysteryNovel
1894The Spirit WorldSpiritualism
1894A Bankrupt HeartNovel
1894The Beautiful SoulNovel
1894The Dead Man’s Message – An Occult RomanceNovella
1894Seven Xmas Eves Being the Romance of a Social RevolutionCollaboration
1895At Heart a RakeNovel
1896The Dream that StayedNovel
1896The Strange Transfiguration of Hannah StubbsNovel
1897A Passing MadnessNovel
1897The Blood of the VampireNovel
1897In the Name of LibertyNovel
1898An Angel of PityNovel
1898A Soul on Fire (UK edition of The Dead Man’s Message)Novel
1898Why Did She Love Him?Novel
1898The Summer HolidayCollaboration
1899Iris the AvengerNovel
1899A Rational MarriageNovel
1899The Folly of AlisonNovel
1907The Luckiest Girl in Yorkshire and Other StoriesShort stories